Watch Kenneth Tencio take his BMX to Costa Rican jungle

November 23, 2018

From the concrete jungles of the skatepark to the actual jungle. Local BMX rider Kenneth Tencio embraces his backyard of the Costa Rican jungle, in the search of unique and natural features. For the top BMX pros, riding and expression have no ceiling and the search is always on to find more and more extreme backdrops to ride. That's what lead Kenneth Tencio to the Costa Rican jungle to film his latest project, Bio Park, which you can watch in full in below.

For most of us, it might not look like a location full of obvious spots to ride, but for Kenneth, the fallen trees, rocks and roots of the jungle alongside the stunning beaches made for a BMX paradise. Of course, taming the Costa Rican bush wasn't easy and it took a lot of vision on the part of Kenneth and his team to turn it into a linkable selection of lips and kickers. Not only did the jungle come to a halt on a beautiful beach but it was also packed with all manner of wildlife and rare species which the team had to contend with.

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