Prey Drive just released a new single 'Foxes'

September 22, 2018

The Norwich based alternative rock four-piece Prey Drive just released a new single 'Foxes' taken from their upcoming album 'Once More With Feeling.' Prey Drive consists of vocalist Brad Smith, guitar and backing vocals Steve Larke-Meija, bassist Paul Gaul and drummer Christian Kett.

"'Foxes' was theoretically the first song we ever wrote and recorded as Prey Drive. But when we were forming the band and writing the first EP we felt the demo didn’t feel right at the time. When it came to writing our first full-length, we had developed and progressed slightly in sound and a lot of the songs had a more poppy, punky, hopeful edge to them, in contrast to the dark brooding first EP. So, we decided to revisit foxes which was reworked and rewritten.

The song itself is about when life throws obstacles in your path that you had no idea were coming and trying to stay on your feet by metaphorically sweeping them under the carpet.

'As life takes a dive, you trip and stumble over it all. And we sweep it all underneath.’

It’s about looking back fondly at memories of your youth but having a distorted memory (rose tinted glasses) of how things were by blocking out the negative bits thinking things were way better than they were.

‘Remember us better than we were, better we are, better than I could be!’

It’s about having the purest optimistic outlook as a child..
‘We’d set the world alight and on fire’

…only to realise life is not what you thought it would be or had planned out as you grow older.
‘If we only had the time and patience for it all’

The line Steve sings ‘can you hear the foxes creeping in the garden, can you hear the ghosts calling through the walls’ is about all the regrets and skeletons in your closet that weigh on your mind and rest on your shoulders when you lay awake at night. The smallest of noises seeming so loud that you can’t sleep no matter how hard you try and ignore them.


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