In Hearts Wake - 'Metalcore is always evolving'

April 8, 2018

In the last few years, In Hearts Wake became a band to look at in the metalcore scene. Hailing from Australia, they gained a significant following all around the globe, and it's easy to understand why. Our team was in Budapest to see them on their tour supporting Heaven Shall Burn, August Burns Red, and Whitechapel, but they also had a quick chat with vocalist Jake Taylor.

Welcome to Budapest. How do you like the tour so far?
It’s very good. We went to Scandinavia and Scandinavia was wonderful because we’ve never been there before. So this tour is been a lot of new experience already and that’s why we do these tours. To open up on a bill with bands that have fans that haven’t seen us before.


So far, you played shows all over the world. How do you see the difference between the crowd in Australia, Europe, and the US?
I don’t know if there is that much of a difference. I think, once you start playing music and you have a crowd in front of you, they can be from Russia, they can be from Mexico... The one thing about the music is that languages, cultural backgrounds, and religions get cast aside and the audience has fun. And I think that everybody goes crazy at the end of the day and it's awesome.


It's noticeable that a lot of your music videos have motives of nature. Is it something you do on purpose?
We are from Australia, we love the natural world that we are part off. We don’t live in the city like you guys do, we live in a small town that has a population of 5000 people. So beaches, hills, waterfalls, that’s where we come from and that’s what we used to.


I'd go back to the EP you did together with Northlane. How did you get the idea, and how was it bringing it to life?
We grow up together playing music, playing shows here and there, and we always kinda joked around the idea of working on music together. So, it just happened naturally. We get along as 10 guys, so it good.


On the last record, you had a song with CJ from Dream State. How did you get in touch, and how was it to work with her?
So, that’s the song 'Arrow,' it’s a love story about the humankind and how we were once in harmony and we gradually well apart. And how can we work that out. So, naturally, we wanted a voice of a mother to be female and a CJ, well, they are an up and coming band and we looked on our label and what bands are on there. That’s how we came up with her. We actually never meet her in person.

 On the 'Ark Prevails' EP, you've released four acoustic versions of your songs from 'Ark.' How did you choose them?
Those were actually the only ones that worked because of the arrangements. So, those were the obvious ones. That's what I would say.


Could you name one show as your favorite one yet?
You mean like ever? That’s a very hard question. I don't think that I have a particular favorite gig. I can think of cool experiences, but I can’t name my favorite number one. Cool experience would be playing at the Slipknot tour in Australia and playing before them and Lamb of God, in front of like 10 000 people.  That was really cool, the big venues. It wasn't my favorite gig ever, but that's what came to mind when you said it.


When you were starting out as a band, did you have to do any other jobs outside music to support yourselves?
Oh yeah. We still do. Yeah. I worked at the cinema for many years, a candy bar kid, popcorn, and tickets. I kept doing that until they couldn't hire me anymore because I was away so much. Our bass player was a carpet cleaner and he still is. Whenever we get home he does carpet cleaning. Our drummer works in a warehouse, and our guitarist works in a bottle shop.


From your point of view, how do you the future of metalcore and metal music in general?
it's always evolving. It's always growing. How do I see it? It's very healthy over here in Europe. I mean bands like Killswitch Engage and Parkway Drive, they were among the first metalcore bands, and they're still playing to thousands when they tour over here in Europe. So, I think there is a healthy future, but I think that is evolving as well.

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Interview conducted by Miljana Milekić and Đorđe Petrić.

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