Gang Of Four to release new album 'Happy Now' on March 1st

December 14, 2018

Following up their provocative 2018 EP 'Complicit,' which featured Ivanka Trump on its cover, pioneering post-punk band Gang Of Four are set to release their brand new full-length 'Happy Now' on March 1, 2019 via PledgeMusic, which is available now for pre-order.

'Happy Now' comes 40 years after the release of the band’s groundbreaking debut 'Entertainment!,' diving deeper into the heart of the classic Gang Of Four sound with a modern slant. A combination of electronics and angular lines pursuing 21st century grooves achieve the striking balance between the band’s fundamental sound and its restless embrace of the now and the new. Harnessing the unbridled energy of their live show, Gaoler's melodic vocals radiate confidence while Andy GIll's serrated guitar cuts through Thomas McNiece and Tobias Humble’s grooving rhythm section. The result is a body of anthemic songs of modern confusion, and the band’s best and most consistent work since their post-punk years.


“Happiness is always an odd one; so difficult to pin down. Our personal lives are always a mixture-sad things, tragedy, joy,” explains founding member Andy Gill. “When we were younger we thought things would gradually get better: the world would be less sexist, less racist, progress would be made and now we know that history isn’t linear; it’s very capable of U-turns."




01. Toreador
02. Alpha Male
03. One True Friend
04. Ivanka - My Name's On It
05. Don't Ask Me
06. Change the Locks
07. I'm A Liar
08. White Lies
09. Paper Thin
10. Lucky (Bonus Track)

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