Delta Heavy, Loadstar, Matrix & Futurebound join Exit Festival's Mainstage

June 1, 2018

Exit Festival's Mainstage just got bigger for some world class drum and bass acts. The first night, July 12th will see performances by Loadstar and Technique International Sound, while Saturday, July 14th will host Delta Heavy and Matrix & Futurebound.

Simon James and Ben Hall, better known as musical bass masters Delta Heavy, met at the University of Nottingham fifteen years ago and their friendship has proven crucial for their success. As a duo, their capabilities and skills perfectly matched. Simon was oriented more towards traditional music, while Ben had an affinity towards audio engineering. Both loved DJ culture and mixed music. United in the love towards underground clubs, such as Stealth and Detonate in Nottingham, their passion for music from drum’ n’ bass to house started after many sleepless nights and dawns spent together. After they graduated, the duo went to London and they didn’t waste time – they obtained computer software and started fulfilling their electronic ambitions. "Given that we shared musical interests we decided to combine our knowledge," they said.

Setting the standards high in the musical industry ever since their first collaboration in 2005, Matrix & Futurebound, aka Brendan Collins and Jamie Quinn, possess one of the most impressive track records in drum’n’bass history. The duo has bragging rights to 30 million streams on Spotify, their 'Universal Truthalbum' thrilled the critics, their numerous Top 40 hits, as well as Radio 1 playlist, with the tracks such as 'All I Know,' 'Magnetic Eyes,' 'Don’t Look Backand' the legendary silver-certified hit 'Control.'

Loadstar is a duo from Bristol ruling the drum&bass spectrum. Their sound includes other genres as well, such as dubstep and electro. This duo is made up of Gavin “Xample” Harris and Nick “Lomax” Hill who say that music has to be true, because it is intangible and cannot be bought – everything lies in the roots. The two artists met while Xample studied sociology at the University of Liverpool, while Lomax was one third of a production collective Holdtight. Their first track, 'The Latter,' was published in May 2007, while their second collaboration, 'Contra,' came out as a single in 2009. Over the years they have shared studio space and tirelessly created new material.

Drum’n’bass would not be the same without Drumsound & Bassline Smith trio, made up of Andy Wright, Benjamin Wiggett and Simon Bassline Smith. They have already conquered dance floors from Derby to Durban, ascertaining their d’n’b throne. Magic started the day when Wright and Wiggett met Bassline Smith in one of Derby’s nightclubs, back in the summer of ‘98. Drumsound tandem started out as a team of six artists the year before, while Bassline Smith had already built up his reputation as one of the most influential drum’n’bass players, with a career spanning all the way to the early 80s. Together they represent an impressive arsenal of variety that secured them positions at the tops of d’n’b scene a decade ago. When looking into Wright’s skills, one sees a classically trained musician with a strong background in indie-rock – an ideal platform to use the energetic groove that allows Drumsound & Smith production to dominate the scene. Wigget was a fiery fan of this genre since a young age, helped by his Jamaican roots, while the veteran Bassline Smith has been familiar with funk and soul for more than 25 years and can find his way around a stage even blindfolded.

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