Se'am share weird music video for 'Kornflakes'

July 23, 2018

What happens when Korn and Slipknot have a baby that they tossed away because it was too ugly? It might be the new song called 'Kornlakes' by the band Se'am which has returned from their lengthy aestivation. Crawling out of the deepest hole of Zagreb, Croatia,  they use simple expressions to show that you do not need to have a lot of money to film a quality video - you only need a few dollars and treat yourself to a ride in the amusement park. Se'am brings nothing new. Se'am brings everything that is already heard. The first few seconds are enough proof that Se'am brings the free energy of chaos in order to create something beautifully ugly.

 They call themselves "a weird band." They have 2 EPs out. They sing in English, Croatian and their native Demonic. Their songs last from 30 seconds to 7 minutes - no rules in the length of feelings. "We came back from our rest because we have a new drummer, Samurai J. He's the master of zen rhythm." says Chameleon, the vocalist and guitar player. Beside those two, you have Mutt on bass. He was recently given a home in the band after they found him lying on the side of the road and gave him a bass guitar in order to keep him alive.


They base their music on the wild and spontaneous energy which can be best seen during one of their live shows. Any type of music can be pretty, and Se'am nurtures freedom of expression no matter how dirty it is. Their art combines nu metal, grunge, garage, punk, blues and many other genres without settling between any of them. Future plans of the band include completely leaving the hole in which they currently live. The only constant is change - Se'am is coming. 


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