Dog Eat Dog @ Exit Festival 2018, Novi Sad

July 12, 2018

What do Suicidal Tendencies and Wu-Tang Clan have in common? The answer is Dog Eat Dog. Since the early 90s, the band combines rock, punk, metal and hip hop, earning a cult status on the way, especially in the extreme sports communities. As a punk rock kid born in '89, a skateboard kid who never learned how to ride, it's easy to see why I got into them. Their genre-blending music, insane energy, and adrenaline were just what I needed.


This was actually my second time to see Dog Eat Dog live. Although they played the Exit Festival back in 2006, it was their Belgrade show in 2014 where I first saw them. The packed club, amazing energy, and the 'All Boro Kings' 20-year anniversary set created a memorable night. This time, I expected nothing less, and I wasn't wrong. Combining the old and the new, the five-piece delivered a strong set with plenty of hits and crowd-favorites.

Dropping 'bombs' like 'If These Are The Good Times...,' 'Who's The King,' 'Pull My Finger' was easy, as the crowd knew every one of them by heart, but it was such a pleasure to see people singing the new songs as well. The 'Brand New Breed' EP was released last year, but the crowd wasn't waiting too long to get to know it. 'Vibe Cartel' came into the mix with classics like the extreme sports anthem 'Cannonball,' 'Step Right In,' and 'Rocky.' The very end of the show came with a blast - 'Expect The Unexpected,' 'No Fronts' and 'XXV' were more than enough to finish the show in style. "There's no party like a Dog Eat Dog Party," and we know it. However, the celebration was even bigger as we all entered JC's, but also the sound engineer Andre's Birthday.


During the show, JC took a few moments to send a shoutout to Slapshot who played just before, who we sadly missed, but also to pay tribute to late Steve Soto, bassist of the legendary punk rock band The Adolescents who recently passed away, and who was supposed to be on this same stage this night. The only thing that wasn't really perfect was the crowd. I just can't shake the feeling that the club could be a better fit for this show. A huge gap between the band and the crowd, and a bit too many random people weren't really helping the show, but it wasn't too bad either. At the end of the show, JC promised a new European tour next year and the new record in 2020, so all we can do now is waiting.


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