Stone Broken - 'We pushed ourselves to write an awesome record'

April 19, 2018

Stone Broken are on fire! Not only they recently released their new album 'Ain't Always Easy,' but they are ready to hit the road and play in Europe with Ugly Kid Joe, as well as some huge summer festivals like Download France and Graspop Metal Meeting. We caught up with singer Rich Moss to discuss upcoming shows, the new record, and much more. 

Hi guys! So, on the May 3rd, you'll kick off your European tour supporting Ugly Kid Joe with a sold-out show in Belgium. What do you expect from the tour, and especially from the Lustin show?
We are really looking forward to heading out on tour with Ugly Kid Joe. We have been lucky enough to have been on a couple of European tours already, but we have never played any shows of this size outside of the UK before. So, it is going to be great exposure for us and a really great opportunity to build our fan base beyond the UK. Like you say, the Lustin show has already sold out, so it should be an amazing show!


At this stage in your career, do you still have a bit of a pressure knowing that you have a sold-out venue, or is it just another day on the office for you by now?
We all still get the pre-show nerves before every show, which I think is a good thing… It gets you ready to go out there and put on a great show. Every show that we play is different, because you have different sized venues and a different crowd everywhere you go, so it’s always fun going out there and seeing what they have in store for you. I think there will be a little more pressure with these shows because we are the support band and we will be playing to Ugly Kid Joe's fans, so we have to try and win them over as well as put on a great show.


On this tour, you will play with legendary Ugly Kid Joe, the band who earned a cult status in the 90s. For a young band like you, how useful is to be on tour, and have a chance to learn from guys who've been through it all?
A lot of the time in a band you have to learn as you go along and from mistakes that you make, especially when you are out on the road. So, when you have the opportunity to learn from others you have to grab it with both hands. It will be great to see how they perform and interact with the crowd, and also how everything comes together behind the scenes. We have been out on tour with lot’s of different bands and every time we have come back with a better understanding of how it all works, so I would imagine this tour will answer some questions, too.


One of the shows on this tour will be at Bataclan, the venue in Paris, unfortunately, the best known for the terrorist attack during the Eagles of Death Metal show. Do you feel like the show, and the venue itself can be especially emotional for you, and any other artist who play there?
For sure, it was such a tragic evening, not only for the live music scene but for humanity. It will be an honor to play at the Bataclan, I think every show that takes place there will be a tribute to those that we lost on the night of the terrorist attack, it’s like we are fighting back against terrorism by continuing to play shows at the venue. I think every member of the band will pay tribute in their own way.

Earlier this year, you released your new album 'Ain't Always Easy.' Personally, I feel like it's your best, and most serious work so far. Do you think the same way, and do you think this record can be a big step forward for your band?
With every record we write, we want to make it better than the last and keep moving to the next level, whether that be songwriting, production or our live shows, so we are hoping that this record will help us to do all of those. All of the guys in the band are incredibly proud of the album and we all feel like we pushed ourselves to write an awesome record… We just need to carry on doing what we are doing and we hope that it will get us there.


The record is out for a month and a half now. Are you happy with the feedback you got so far?
The feedback so far has been great! Our fans seem to love it and we have gained new fans from it, too. There is still a lot of work to do, but it’s looking great so far and we can’t wait to see what else this album brings for us!


Just a days ago, 'Ain't Always Easy' is released in the US. What do you expect from the crowd there, as your sound is heavily influenced by American rock music? To be honest, when I first heard your music, I thought you're from the States.
A lot of people think that we are an American band when they first listen to us, so we are hoping that we fit right in over there. But you never quite know how these things will end up. I think it is every band's dream to be successful over in the States, so we are hoping that we can grow our fan base and really give it a good go. We can’t wait to go over there and play some shows, we hear that the crowds are great!


This summer, you will play some huge festivals such as Download France and Graspop Metal Meeting in Belgium, along with some huge and legendary bands.  How does it feel, and do you prepare something different for festivals sets, comparing your headline shows?
It feels amazing! As rock fans, we have heard a lot about these festivals, so it’s going to be awesome playing at them! We always try and put on a great show whether it’s a headline show or a shorter show; we try and incorporate everything that we do in our headline shows into a festival set, so we have to approach it slightly differently. We have to give everyone at that festival a little taste of what we do, so we work hard to try and achieve that!

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