Watch skateboarding on top of a moving ice carousel

April 14, 2018

Finland’s former world champion snowboarder Roope Tonteri has joined his two passions together to craft a mini ramp that allows him to skateboard on snow and ice. Tonteri, 26, created his own mini ramp with his father, Pekka, in -20 degrees Celsius on top of a frozen lake in Kouvola for a visually stunning backdrop for their tricks. But for an added twist he took a chainsaw to cut the ice and make an ice carousel for himself and fellow skateboarder Jaakko Ojanen to unleash their moves.


Tonteri opened up to Red Bull about the difficulties and thrills of the project:


Where did you get the idea from for creating a mini ramp on top of an ice carousel?
 - I saw a video of an ice carousel last year that was built by some crazy Finns and I thought that some even crazier Finn could build a mini on top of it, haha.


You’ve already done quite a few cool skateboarding projects together with your father. How many minis have you built together?
 - I think we have built around 15 minis so far. My dad built the first ramp for me back when I was a kid and I think we are already quite seasoned mini-builders at the moment.


The weather was super cold when the project was filmed, how did that affect the skateboarding and did the revolving ramp make it harder as well?
 - The cold weather actually made it quite tricky. Skateboards are not made for that kind of climate. The rubber in the trucks froze immediately and made turning and pulling off tricks very hard. The revolving ramp was actually not that bad, since we managed to create a really stable carousel. But it was a really nice experience all in all.


What’s next - do you have any similar projects in mind already?
 - I’m for sure always thinking about new projects and up here in Alaska [where he is at the moment] I for sure have time for that, haha.


What kind of plans do you have for the summer?
- Well, I’m planning to skateboard a lot and also do some lumber work and enjoy the beautiful nature back home [when not competing he lives in a log cabin in the wilderness].

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