American Nightmare - 'American Nightmare'

April 7, 2018


Artist: American Nightmare
Release: American Nightmare
Genre: Hardcore / Post-hardcore
Label: Rise Records
Release date: February 16th,  2018
Verdict: 8/10




Fifteen years after their last studio effort, and seven after the reunion, legendary Boston hardcore band is back. But it's not only music that is new - after a brief period of being forced to change their name to Give Up the Ghost, American Nightmare are finally managed to get their name back.


After a decade and a half, a lot of things can change, especially in a dynamic place like the music scene. However, American Nightmare are ready, and they are hungry for a new success. Even the name of the record is a statement for itself. Naming the record after the band seems like one more proof of the new energy and a new identity. Luckily, the music rises to the expectations.


Nine songs, with some of them, not a minute long, are bringing everything we loved the band for. Energy, chaos, emotion, all of the recognizable elements are here, while the band is firing on all cylinders. Frontman Wes Eishold screams his lungs out, while the band keeps providing a wall of noise behind his screams. However, this is by no means a generic hardcore record.


Dark, heavy, 'American Nightmare' goes deep into many different influences, including even some not so obvious, touching on gothic or post-punk elements. With a Sick Of It All meets Refused sound, with a bit of Joy Division this may not be for everyone's ears,  however, it's still the strong record. If you love hardcore, you'll probably love it.


1. The World Is Blue
2. Flowers Under Siege
3. American Death
4. War
5. Gloom Forever
6. Lower Than Life
7. Colder Than Death
8. Dream
9. Crisis Of Faith

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