Jawbraker to start working on a new album after 23 years

April 7, 2018

After they announced their reunion tour last year, Jawbraker are set to record some new material. According to Blake Schwarzenbach, they are gearing up to work on new music together.


During his appearance on the 'Going Off Track' podcast, Schwarzenbach said “Our summer is just gonna be trying to write, jam. What we really wanna do is just riff out and see what comes. I’m spending the next month writing at home, and then we’re gonna converge in San Francisco and go in a studio and see what happens.”

He was also asked what the new Jawbreaker would sound like, “I like the more band-like jams that we have, like “Bivouac” or “Jet Black” or songs like that, that could only be as a unit.”

When asked why the band decided to work on new music for the first time in more than two decades since their breakup, Blake responded “It’s for our own excitement. We can’t keep playing these same songs. I mean, they’re wonderful for people who have not seen it — we’re lucky there are people that wanna see it — but we need some new songs to make it exciting.”


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