Skeptical - 'You're always trying to better your last tune'

February 26, 2018

A DJ, a producer, an innovator. A man who accepts no rules but his own. Skeptical is one of the underground names who shape the taste of the drum and bass scene. Technically superior, and ready to experiment he was voted the Best Alternative Artist at 2017 Drum and Bass Awards. Now, he's ready to play in Serbia for the first time, headlining the Drop Sensei's 6th Birthday Bash.

You have been announced as the headliner of the Drop Sensei's 6th Birthday Bash in Novi Sad, Serbia. What do you expect from the show and what are you bringing to Serbian crowd?
It's my first time visiting and DJing in Serbia so I'm looking forward to coming over and testing my music out on the crowd. I expect good vibes.


You are one of the most productive producers out there, and you keep releasing new music without compromising your quality. How do you keep doing that, and how do you nurture your creativity?
As a producer, you're always trying to better your last tune whether it be the mixdown or the actual music itself. This has a lot to say in trying to keep the quality out there. But, don't get me wrong because everyone writes a shit tune, it's about being able to select the right music that makes it out to press. You've got to find the right balance. 


By many, you are considered a pioneer and a legend, with a unique style. Where do you find your inspiration, and whom, or what do you see as the main influence on your sound?
I love drums so tunes by Kemal & Rob Data are a big influence on the use of my percussion. Their drum work keeps your ear entertained which is what I love about their music. Listening to all sorts of genres will help with inspiration though, on Spotify I have a 'Skeptical day to day' playlist of music I like to listen to on my travels etc. Inspiration comes from all around you. Staying fit and keeping the mind active and hungry will help in having a positive vibe in the studio.

In 2017 you were voted as the Best Alternative Artist at the Drum And Bass Awards. How does it feel do gain such a recognition for your hard work and creativity? 
Yeah, that was a nice surprise and it's nice to be recognized but for me, it's not about awards. They're cool but the music is what's most important so I'm not fussed if I win an award or not. 

Last year, you teamed up with Alix Perez for the massive 'Without A Trace' EP, but also on 'Vault' from his new LP 'Edition 1.' How would you describe working with him, as it seems that you really "clicked" together?
Yeah, good, we're both on the same page so I guess that helps when it comes to having a vibe in the studio. Not all the tracks are written together though as with schedules it's sometimes hard to get together. That's why the internet is your friend (laughs)


With 2018 on the way, what can we expect from you?
In a few weeks, my remix of Zed Bias's 'Pick Up The Pieces' is coming out on Exit. Then in springtime, my debut album will be released. It's been a while in the making so I'm looking forward to getting it out there now. I will also be playing various clubs and festivals across Europe, America, and Canada.

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