Stand Atlantic - 'Our music comes from real and personal place'

January 19, 2018

Stand Atlantic is a new force in the pop-punk scene. Coming from Sidney, Australia, the trio is ready to conquer the world. In 2017 they signed with Rude Records and released their debut EP 'Sidewinder,' followed by massive tours in UK, Europe, and Australia. It was the right time to catch up with the singer and guitarist, Bonnie Atlantic.

You finished 2017 with a massive European and UK tour with ROAM and WSTR. Unfortunately, we couldn't make it to the Antwerpen show, but we'd still love to hear your impressions from the tour. How was it? I know you have some crazy stories, but do you want to share any of them with us?
The tour was the coolest thing we've done as a band so far! It was so cool getting to know the guys in ROAM and WSTR and playing shows in different countries every night where people actually knew the words to our songs. (laughs) There's a lot we really shouldn't share but the one we can share is when Potter got his phone stolen in Poland. We were able to track where his phone was going on an app and we ended up all just jumping in the van and following his phone. We wound up at the dodgiest looking area banging on all the doors to find whoever stole his phone – we didn't end up getting it back though, unfortunately. (laughs)

So, you just finished Australian tour with ROAM and Knuckle Puck. Did you get to show them the "land down under?" Did they even know what they got themselves into?
We tried our best to show them all the big things we have here, the big banana, a big koala, the giant ram etc, followed by convincing Alex from ROAM that our sugar is actually sand.

In just over two years you managed to gain significant following all over the world and hit the stages in many countries. Was it something you expected, and how crazy was it for you to be sucked into such crazy schedule?
We definitely did not expect to be on the other side of the world playing shows in such a short time that's for sure! We are constantly blown away by everything we get to do, it's definitely thrown us into the deep end a little bit but we're learning quickly how to handle it all! We're just excited by everything so it's really fun and rewarding.

Your new EP "Sidewinder" was released just over two months ago. Are you happy with the reactions from the media and fans? Especially at the shows?
Yeah! Honestly, it's been so much more than we'd ever anticipated – the fact that people are singing the words back to us at every show we've played so far is the coolest thing ever.

Also, what's with Australians and all those snakes?
Haha! I wish I knew... they're probably one of my biggest fears so I'm not stoked we have so many deadly ones!

I love that lyrically, your EP touches some really serious topics, and have some really good songwriting, not so typical with the bands so young. Where do you find your inspiration?
Thank you! Generally, I'll just take inspiration from life, mistakes I've made, lessons I've learned or things that have happened to me or people I care about. We're yet to write a song that isn't about a facet of our lives so they all come from a very real and personal place.


This is your first "proper release" with a support from a label. How was it to work with Rude Records, and how did you end up on a label from Italy?
Absolutely great! We love working with everyone at Rude and definitely feel understood in terms of where we want to go with this – most importantly they constantly show how passionate they are about everything and to us that's super important.​

In the last five or six years, Europe got to know many, great new bands from Australia. Was it really an explosion of good bands or the scene was always this strong, and we're just late to the party?
I feel like the scene in Austalia has always had these bands but only recently everyone's kind of stepped it up. And hence labels and media are starting to pick up on it – it's so cool to see!

Apart from some older bands like Bodyjar or Frenzal Rhomb, and early Tonight Alive, I can't really recall any Australian pop-punk bands. Who were your main influences? Do you feel you drew more influences from the Australian scene, or from different bands all over the world?
Definitely a mix of everything! We are big fans of Australian bands such as Trophy Eyes, Violent Soho, Camp Cope (and many others) but we're also heavily influenced by bands from all over and from different genres. We literally go from listening to Sia to Parkway Drive in the van.

You belong to more aggressive, more rough side of pop-punk, at some points, reminding me of a British band I really love - called TAT. Have you ever heard of them?
I haven't but now I'm definitely gonna check them out – thanks! (laughs)

So, what is next for you?  Can we expect some new music next year? After an EP like this, do you feel you are ready for the challenge of the LP?
Definitely will have some new music out next year! I think every band always has the goal of being able to release an album – its something we'd really love to do, as scary as it is. (laughs)

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