Five Finger Death Punch - 'A Decade of Destruction'

January 3, 2018


Artist: Five Finger Death Punch
Release: A Decade of Destruction
Genre: Groove Metal
Label: Eleven Seven Records
Release date: December 1st, 2017
Verdict: -/10




Twelve years of career, six studio albums, and numerous concerts all over the world established Five Finger Death Punch as one of the leading forces when it comes to the metal scene. The five-piece from Las Vegas, Nevada hasn't wasted any time in taking the world over, leaving their mark wherever they played. With their seventh record expected to drop in May, it was the right time to draw the line, and pay respect to their work so far.


In the age of streaming services, greatest hits compilations are the amazing way to bands to introduce themselves to new fans, and possibly sell more concert tickets. Record sales are lower than ever, while many young fans preferring singles over full-lengths, so compilations like can be the ideal way to approach new kids. Of course, it's always better when bands offer more than just old stuff, and FFDP did just that.

In addition to fan-favorites like 'Wrong Side of Heaven,' 'Bad Company,' 'Lift Me Up,' 'Jekyll and Hyde,' 'My Nemesis' or cover of 'House of The Rising Sun,' band released two new songs. 'Trouble' is the typical Five Finger Death Punch banger, a high-octane destroyer with crushing riffs and powerful groove. If you're familiar with their sound, you know exactly what I mean.

The other song comes as a bit of a surprise - a cover of The Offspring's ballad 'Gone Away.' Although it may be unexpected, somehow it works. FFDP kept the raw emotion of the song but gave it modern, even darker tone. Different, but yet amazing, this song is the fantastic addition to the record, and rightfully takes its place on a compilation like this.


'A Decade of Destruction' marks ten years since band's debut 'The Way of the Fist,' making a great collection of Five Finger Death Punch career highlights. It's a great way for old-school fans to have some of their favorites at one place, but even more, it's a great way to hook the casual listeners, and call them to explore band's catalog.


01. Trouble
02. Gone Away
03. Lift Me Up
04. Wash It All Away
05. Bad Company
06. Under And Over It
07. Wrong Side Of Heaven
08. House Of The Rising Sun
09. I Apologize
10. The Bleeding
11. Jekyll And Hyde
12. Remember Everything
13. Coming Down
14. My Nemesis
15. Battle Born
16. Far From Home

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