Anti-Flag - 'American Fall'

November 10, 2017


Artist: Anti-Flag
Release: American Fall
Genre: Punk Rock
Label: Spinefarm Records
Release date: November 3rd,  2017
Verdict: 9/10




It's fair to say Anti-Flag is one of the most important punk rock bands of our time. Politically charged, socially conscious, they spread their fire all around the world, unafraid to say what needs to be said. Started in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1988 they drew their influences from bands such as The Clash, Dead Kennedys, and Black Flag, but also some more modern punk rock, creating their own sound. Combination of melody, rawness, aggression got them big and loyal fanbase.


'American Fall,' is band's tenth record, coming two years after it's predecessor 'American Spring.' Once again, the band strikes with full force, showing they're in better shape than ever. Eleven new songs, in classic Anti-Flag style, hit hard, not leaving much time for recovery. As like they haven't enough topics to write about, the US made sure to offer them plenty more. With the election of the new US president Donald Trump, with racism, fascism, and bigotry getting more in focus, a punk band doesn't have to look far.

Known for their anti-war activism, for their fight for human rights and equality, Anti-Flag takes no prisoners on a new record. Vocal, loud, the band is going all-in, making sure they will be heard. Songs such as 'Racist,' 'American Attraction,' 'Liar' or 'The Criminals' already raised a few eyebrows, while ska charged 'When the Wall Falls' recalls some of the darkest moments in recent history. Knowing what they are saying, Anti-Flag is one of the rare voices of reason.


Having a band like Anti-Flag in the days of rising of right-wing politics, in the days when fascism, racism, and bigotry are looking for a big comeback, is essential. Their messages are something that needs to be heard and remembered. Having amazing music just helps.


01. American Attraction
02. The Criminals
03. When The Wall Falls
04. Trouble Follows Me
05. Finish What We Started
06. Liar
07. Digital Blackout
08. I Came. I Saw. I Believed.
09. Racists
10. Throw It Away
11. Casualty




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