ROAM - 'Great Heights & Nosedives'

October 31, 2017


Artist: ROAM
Release: Great Heights & Nosedives
Genre: Pop Punk
Label: Hopeless Records
Release date: October 13th,  2017
Verdict: 8/10




Let's get this straight - I love pop punk. I grew up on that sound, and I'll love it forever. So, when I first heard ROAM, it didn't take long for me to become the instant fan. 'Backbone' was the first record I got my hands across, and it was easily one of my favorite of that year.


So, as you can guess, I was pretty hyped when the band announced 'Great Heights & Nosedives,' and I got to say I'm lucky as the record lived up to the hype. Eleven new songs were more than enough to keep me entertained for quite some time. Pure pop punk, stuffed with happiness and summer vibes is a great contrast to the gloomy Fall weather, so repeat it was.


However, 'Great Heights & Nosedives' is not necessarily a better record that 'Backbone.' ROAM did grow up, they did step their game up a little, but there is a little something that bugged me all along. On 'Great Heights & Nosedives' the band found themselves, they found their sound, and delivered a more concise record with songs that blend together perfectly.


On the other hand, I just miss the raw energy and diversity of 'Backbone,' I miss a little bit of experimentation and chaos. But don't get me wrong, this is a strong record, and the one every pop punk fan should have in his collection. ROAM overcame the sophomore slumber with ease.


01. Alive
02. Left For Dead
03. The Rich Life Of A Poor Man
04. Playing Fiction
05. Guilty Melody
06. Open Water
07. Curtain Call
08. Scatterbrained
09. Flatline
10. While The World Keeps Spinning
11. Home


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