Hot Water Music - 'Light It Up'

October 20, 2017


Artist: Hot Water Music
Release: Light It Up
Genre: Punk Rock
Label: Rise Records
Release date: September 15th,  2017
Verdict: 8/10




I can hardly remember an album I played more time than ‘Exister’ in the past couple of years. It’s been five years since the release, and I still give it a spin every once in a while. It’s so under my skin; I feel like it’s been out forever, while ‘Drag My Body’ is easily in my top three all-time favorite songs. So, waiting for the successor was a kinda tricky situation. On one side, I couldn’t wait for it, but on the other, I was a bit afraid – what if it’s not so good?

Fortunately, the band duly delivered. Hot Water Music is once again on top of their game. Lyrically, musically, they are still in great shape bringing twelve songs deep record full of emotion, heaviness and dark vibes. Their mid-tempo punk rock is not something that’s easy to listen or instant attention grabber. It takes time, takes concentration, effort, but it offers so much in return. It’s a pill hard to swallow, but once you do, it’s highly addictive.

On ‘Light It Up,' Hot Water Music is back on familiar ground, offering something old, but at the same time something new. Even on the first listen, record sounds like it’s been heard for many times, but in a good way. At no point ‘Light It Up’ sounds recycled or boring. The band still got a lot to say, and they are ready to yell it. Loud.

Once again they proved their cult status is not without legitimacy. Chuck Ragan is still one of the most recognizable vocals around, and his words keep hitting all the right places. Hot Water Music doesn’t have anything to prove anymore, but they still do it, and they do it with style. Grab a drink, turn the volume up, and sink into the music.


01. Complicated
02. Light It Up
03. Show Your Face
04. Never Going Back
05. Rabbit Key
06. Sympathizer
07. Vultures
08. Bury Your Idols
09. Overload
10. High Class Catastrophe
11. Hold Out
12. Take You Away



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