Neck Deep - 'The Peace and the Panic'

October 8, 2017


Artist: Neck Deep

Release: The Peace and the Panic

Genre: Pop-Punk

Label: Hopeless Records

Release date: August 18th,  2017

Verdict: 8/10




Two years after their breakthrough record 'Life's Not out to Get You,' Welsh pop-punkers Neck Deep are back with their new effort 'The Peace and the Panic.' With eleven new songs, Wrexham five-piece confirmed the statement they made with the previous record, making it loud and clear that their success was not an accident. Everything they've done good in the past, they've done even better on 'The Peace and the Panic.'

From the first few tones, it's clear the band exactly know what they want. Opening with two smashers - 'Motion Sickness' and 'Happy Judgement Day' sets the pace, while the rest of the record follows. Their recognizable sound goes all the way to 'In Bloom,' possibly the biggest surprise on the record. Slower, emo-influenced, the song offers a new dimension to Neck Deep's sound, proving them capable of experimenting and exploring.

Another surprise comes in the form of 'Don't Wait,' an energetic pop-punk/metalcore hybrid featuring Architect's Sam Carter. The most of the album explores more of an emo influences than typical pop-punk, making band sound more mature and more diverse. And yet, they never lack melody. The album ends the same way it started - with a bang. 'Where Do We Go When We Go' is one of the best songs on the record, and possibly my personal favorite.

Lyrically, Neck Deep grew up a bit more, touching on some more serious topics. They weren't afraid to put their heart on a sleeve and deal with stuff like social injustice, political situation, or far more personal demons like death, fear of death or loss of the loved ones. In general, they sound more mature, more experienced and ready to make another step forward. They're not kids anymore, and they're not trying to stay kids. It's time for bigger things; they showed us they know how.


01. Motion Sickness​​
02. Happy Judgement Day
03. The Grand Delusion
04. Parachute
05. In Bloom
06. Don’t Wait (Feat. Sam Carter Of Architects)
07. Critical Mistake
08. Wish You Were Here
09. Heavy Lies
10. 19 Seventy Sumthin’
11. Where Do We Go When We Go



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