Comeback Kid @ Arena, Vienna

February 5, 2017

To see Comeback Kid for the first time in almost eight years is something I wouldn't let slip out of my hands too easily. Although their set was part of a much bigger 'You Are a Part Of This' tour headlined by Deez Nuts, and featuring bands like Risk It!, Get The Shot and Reality Slap, we only managed to see Canadians, as well as American hardcore mob First Blood.


Mentioned Americans were the first band we got to see in action. Fronted by ex-Terror man Carl Schwartz, they play heavy, aggressive, groove-oriented hardcore, with strong social and political message. With club almost full by their set, the band felt like at home and made the stage theirs. With some old and some new songs, from their just-released record 'Rules,' it wasn’t long until they got the crowd going.

Comeback Kid was next, and it didn’t take much time until five-piece took the stage over. Despite vocalist Andrew Neufeld's throat problems and the fact that he could barely speak, it didn’t hurt their performance too much. They did, in fact, skip a few songs, mostly the ones with much clean singing such as 'Didn’t Even Mind,' but the rest of the set was as good as one would expect it to be. They dipped into every phase of their career, from older favorites such as 'False Idols Fall,' 'Partners in Crime' or 'Broadcasting' to newer hits like 'Wasted Arrows,' 'Do Yourself a Favor' or 'Should Know Better.'


There was a slight difference between fans of older, and newer records, so the first few rows were instantly switching, but the atmosphere was intense all the time. Mosh pits, sing-alongs and hands held high were an integral part of the show with occasional stage dives. The energy was at the all-time high, but obviously, it culminated at the very end during anthemic 'Wake the Dead.' The sound was right, the feels were right. Comeback Kid once again showed why they are one of the best hardcore bands out there, and with that in mind, it was the time to say goodbye.


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