A Day To Remember @ Gasometer, Vienna

February 5, 2017

Don't worry – “they got this.” If there is any message to be received from the 'Bad Vibration' tour, it's a fact A Day To Remember are now ready to play with the “big boys.” They have the songs; they have the fans, the energy. They have it all, and they are not afraid to show it.


From the moment the big screens on the stage showed the message “Shit’s working,” it became clear that this shit will be the next level one. The band did play arenas before, they aren't strangers to the big stages, but this time it was different. This time they owned the stage. With their biggest production yet and another huge record under their belt, they are fully capable of delivering a two-hour set full of smashing hit, without a single sign of slowing down. Except when they wanted it.


With enough riff-power to outgun pretty much every band around, and enough melody to keep their favorite label - "heaviest pop-punk band ever," they offer a unique sound which their fans fell in love with in the first place. One of the best things at their shows is the connection between the band and their fans. A Day To Remember is not afraid to touch some serious topics, they do have some serious songs, that many people can relate to. The band and the fans grew up together, and the energy exchange was just insane.

A Day To Remember sounds strong, heavy and powerful, but they never forgot how to have fun on the stage. Toilet-paper, confetti, T-shirts, beach balls and inflatable toys were all launched from the stage, while the crowd responded with large circle pits, riding the inflatable whales and alligators, crowd surfing, or even “surfing on a crowd surfer;” not to mention the non-stop sing-alongs.


What made this show, and this tour even better is the amazing choice of supporting acts. Opening slot was given to the new force in the emo scene - Moose Blood. The UK four-piece didn't look quite comfortable on the big stage, but they still provided a solid set. A bit more time on the tours like this is just what they need.


On the other hand, Welsh pop-punk quintet Neck Deep showed much more confidence and experience on the stage. Their latest record 'Life’s Not Out to Get You' exploded in a pop-punk scene, making them one of the hottest bands around. Humble and hard-working as they are, they resonate strongly with their fans, making their own path. The forty-minute set was hardly enough for them, and it's easy to see them going big in the future. They sure deserve it.

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