Vic Mensa, Travis Barker and Joel Madden working on a punk project

In his recent interview for Beats1, rapper Vic Mensa shared pieces of information on his upcoming projects. He spoke about his Ninety-Three Punks clothing line, as well as a punk project he's working on.

"It’s going to be releasing with a project that’s a punk project. I have these different energies, just rap songs that I had made- and I was also making this punk music. I took the records that were more in a rap space and made this project out of them. And the punk records are going to be on that album," Mensa said about the project and added: "Travis Barker is working with me on the punk album. He’s going to be executive-producing it, hopefully. The Clash and the Dead Kennedys are my two favorite bands. But I’m also pulling inspiration from Blink. I’ve got an ill record on there from Joel Madden from Good Charlotte." Barker and Mensa already collaborated on a remix of The Fever 333's 'Made in America,' and honestly, we can't wait for this new project.


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