Vans BMX welcomes Angie Marino and Alex Hiam

We have big news coming from the Vans camp, as Angie Marino and Australian shredder Alex Hiam went pro and got upgraded to the Vans Global BMX Team.

Angie Marino's promotion is especially important and serves as one more evidence of the huge progress of women BMX. She also became the first women to ever go pro for Vans. "Vans BMX would like to welcome the 2018 Vans Pro Cup Mexico stop winner, Angie Marino, to the Vans Global BMX Team," shared the company, and added: "Vans is honored to include a leader, role model, and creative ripper the likes of Angie as the first woman in our BMX family. Welcome, Angie."

Alex Hiam, on the other hand, spent more than 10 years with Vans flow program, and this move was expected maybe even earlier. However, there's no doubt it's welcomed by the rider. About the addition, the company stated: "Vans BMX would like to welcome Australian ripper, Alex Hiam, to the Vans Global Team. Alex has been on the Vans flow program for 10 years now and the amount of tech Alex has on lock has always been mind-blowing and he’s just beginning! Welcome, Alex."


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