The Get Up Kids release new song 'The Problem Is Me'

The Get Up Kids have released a music video for their new song 'The Problem Is Me,' the second preview of their forthcoming album 'Problems,' out May 10 via Polyvinyl Records. The joyfully swinging, piano-heavy track explores the notion of embracing your own romantic dysfunction. Matt Pryor explains, “The song is about a friend’s second divorce and about taking responsibility in a relationship. For me, the song is about self care. Acknowledging personal faults and trying to work on them."

The video was filmed on Super 8 and is director Shawn Brackbill’s third collaboration with the band. Brackbill says, “The song is upbeat and fast-paced so we wanted to make a video that matches its energy. I have been working with The New York Times on some dance pieces and wanted to incorporate that into my video work here. We showcased several different genres, performed by some very talented dancers who are all friends of my daughter's ballet teacher.”


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