Sunset Radio release new album 'All The Colors Behind You'

Sunset Radio’s second album, 'All The Colors Behind You,' is finally out via This is Core and Far Channel Records. “The whole album is a step forward from our last record 'Vices.' We were influenced by pop-punk bands like State Champs, Neck Deep, Real Friends, as well as punk legends like No Use For A Name. Our goal on the new record was to blend this two worlds in one” says guitarist Matteo Rossi.​

​After an year and half spent touring between Italy, Europe, Japan and Russia promoting 'Vices,' the band returned home and started writing songs for what would become the framework for 'All The Colors Behind You.' During This period the band experienced some line-up changes, introducing new guitarist Riccardo Tasselli and new bassist Alberto Felice along with founding members Matteo Rossi, Davide Pazzaglia and Andrea Neri.

01.1957 02.Photographs 03.Stacy's Bass 04.My Everything 05.Sunrise (Losing My Faith) 06.Firework 07.9 A.M. 08.Much Deeper 09.Don't Ask Me What My Songs Talk About 10.A Shipwreck In The Sand 11.Bottles

'All The Colors Behind You' was recorded at Studio 73 by Riccardo Pasini, who also recorded the first album 'Vices': “During the writing process we collaborated with Fabrizio Pan from Melody Fall, that helped us finding the sound we were looking for. We've had around 15 songs in work, from which we selected 11 for the final tracklist. The title 'All The Colors Behind You' wants to express the feeling that people wear Masks in their lives, so is not easy to see their true colors and really know them" said the band "The record and the lyrics also have a lot to do with love, and the way It affectes our lives and our Daily routines".

Listen now on Spotify or buy your copy on iTunes.


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