South East London's DC shares 'Under The Influence' mixtape

Announcing himself on the scene with his 'Gleamin' Freestyle series, DC is a South East native artist who plays in between the lines of rap and grime music. After supporting JHus on his 2017 Common Sense tour, DC embarked on an incredible 2018 and is now back on the scene and ready to make his mark. Now, DC cements his position as one of the hottest new UK rap talents, with the release of his new mixtape 'Under The Influence.'

Speaking on the tape, DC states: “The name of the mixtape came around because I had a realisation that we are influenced by so many things that are around us whether that be money, drugs, women, friends, family, etc. There are so many things that influence our everyday decision making, so I felt like I had to make music which showed these influences; but in a creative way. The main idea for this mixtape was to give an accurate reflection of the lifestyle I was living at the time, so prioritising fun, having a good time and not fearing the consequences. I think the music definitely reflects this as there are a few bubbly tracks but I also still managed to touch on my more serious thoughts on the likes of 'Dock City' and 'Overdraft' which are more introspective tracks that give the mixtape a good balance while still letting me showcase the way I was living.”

The 10-track project sees DC take us on a journey through his past, present and future - a uniting desire to work hard towards a better life and for a diamond chain. The project lands with new single 'Hustla,' the video of which sees DC exploring the notion of what it is to hustle, Speaking on the video, DC explains: “The aim of the 'Hustla' video was to almost redefine the meaning of the word. When we say hustla, the first thing that comes to mind will most probably be a gangster. Whereas in my mind, the first thing that comes to mind when I think of a hustla is my mother. Hence why we decided to go with strong images of black females, as they’ve had a strong influence on my life. ”

Earlier this year, DC set strong intentions with new single 'Dock City,' his name-sake. The single marked a year of releases for the young rapper, who is moving in the realms of tastemaker talent and promises to “provide insight into myself, what I stand for and where I come from.” DC proudly embodies South East London in all his content, often referencing staple areas in his videos as well the lingo of his group “kinda gleamin, kinda local!” which contributes to the authenticity of not only his music but his character.


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