PAV4N drops new single ‘2020 FE DEAD’

After the incendiary track ‘Doom’ blasted across radio airwaves in recent weeks (including various support from BBC R1, BBC 1Xtra and Kiss FM), the collab between PAV4N and underground production legend Sukh Knight continues to bear fruit, as their new single ‘2020 FE DEAD’ ushers in the release of a limited edition vinyl of both tracks. Physically out 1st September on PAV4N’s own label 4NC¥, the lavishly made saffron and blue 12 inch vinyl comes packaged in stunning artwork from Osom Studios and photography by award-winning Indian photographer Mitsun Soni. The single ‘2020 FE DEAD’ follows ‘Doom’ and is out digitally 1st Sept alongside an official music video.

Musically both tracks are driven by a 140bpm Grime influence, with the pair paying homage to their UK Grime and Dubstep roots. ‘2020 FE DEAD’ has already been dropped at raves (remember them?!) in New Zealand by acts such as Truth, creating early ripples on the underground scene. Lyrically, PAV4N serves up another searing piece of social commentary in a post Covid world - with increasingly shocking headlines, mis-information and the rejection of logic being staples of 2020, he takes aim at global power structures and the systems of suppression which have led to so much public apathy, with an overarching message to tear down the status quo to make way for something better. He also highlights how people in power are benefiting from the current social unrest, explaining: “The pandemic has created the perfect setting for nefarious action from powers that be, whether they are eschewing science and health over profit, passing questionable laws under the noses of a distracted population, or outsourcing life saving measures to the Old Boy's Network.”


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