Mars Addict release their first album 'Lamecoaster'

The Brazilian punk rock band Mars Addict has just released their first album, 'Lamecoaster,' in all streaming platforms trough Electric Funeral Records. The new album is set to become one of the best releases in the pop punk and punk rock in Latin American scene this year.

The personality shown on the record is not casual. The repertoire has been polished and presented since the beginning of the band, which has always prioritized its own compositions, made by guitarists and vocalists Daniel Capanga and Drix Barsali, arranged with the help of bassist Rolf Amaro and drummer Rodrigo Araújo.

There are ten tracks that, in just over half an hour, range from the dance rhythm of the 60s, as in 'Scared 2' and 'Snowboarding With My Dealer,' to the hardcore 'One Heartbeat,' a hymn for union and tolerance in times when prejudice practically becomes government policy. The weight also appears on the soundtrack of the zombie apocalypse 'Chainsaw Hedgemaze Mayhem,' inspired by the Super Nintendo game 'Zombies Ate My Neighbors.' There is still room for feelings, be it homesickness ('Back to School'), homesickness for those who are already gone ('In My Head'), love when it's at its height ('Chibi' and 'Not Your Song') and when it's over, like the title track and the already classic 'I'm Not OK.' The difference in rhythms and themes makes the songs complement each other and protect the listener from boredom.

The album was recorded in São Paulo over the years 2018 and 2019, at the Dual Noise studio. The production is by the band itself, mixing and mastering were done by Rogerio Wecko. The cover art was made in partnership by Gavisaurio and Drix Barsali.

You can stream the album HERE.


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