Hands Like Houses @ Dürer Kert, Budapest

There is a reason for this title, although the event wasn't headlined by Hands Like Houses, but Our Last Night. We didn't stay long enough for the real review, so we're gonna concentrate on the other bands. However, from the first few songs we heard, it's was evident they maintained the high standard support bands showed.

The first band of the night was Jule Vera, fronted by charismatic singer Ansley Newman, the band provided short, but energetic set. Their sound lies somewhere between pop punk and indie rock and provided a lot of positive vibes at the start of the show. As the room was slowly filling, the band felt more at home and looked happier on stage. Their set consisted entirely from songs of their 2017 album 'Waiting On The Sun,' including the hit 'Bad Company' left for the very end.

Hawthorne Heights came in next, recalling the time emo and post-hardcore was a huge thing. However, they don't rely on nostalgia. The band still sounds great live, their messages still hit home, and they can still bring a lot of people to their shows. Their new record, 'Bad Frequencies' is released earlier this year, but although it's really good, we only heard the title track. However, it was understandable - they only had time for six songs, so they brought the heavy artillery, including classics such as 'This Is Who We Are,' 'Pens & Needles,' 'Saying Sorry,' and, well 'Ohio Is for Lovers.' In between songs, frontman JT Woodruff took his time to address issues such as the importance of mental health, support between people and talking to each other. The only downside of the show - I wish it could be longer.

The third band of the night came in with a bang. Hands Like Houses got on the stage ready to crush it like it's the easiest thing to do. Relying heavily on the latest releases - 'Annon.' and 'Dissonants' they quickly got the crowd eating from their hands (pun intended). No matter what they played, the crowd sang every word and every scream. The energy in the stage was insane, while frontman Trenton Woodley sounded like he could sing literally everything, without even trying. Finishing off with 'I Am' they left the stage, leaving the crowd wondering what the hell just happened. From the most humble guys behind the scene, to the real monsters (pun intended, again) on stage, they made us want more.

P.S. Stay tuned in the next couple of days, as we did an interview with Trent.


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