Gramatik share new album 'RE:Coil, Pt.II'

Today marks the release of the brand new full-length album, 'RE:Coil, Pt.II,' from producer / DJ Gramatik. Real name Denis Jašarević, his first album release in three-years following 2016's 'Epigram,' the highly anticipated new album is comprised of eight brand new Gramatik tracks. 'RE:Coil, Pt. II' sees Gramatik on board some of his favorite past collaborators, as well as new ones, including Big Gigantic, Anomalie, Waka Flocka Flame, ProbCause, Kotek, Beat Fatigue, Defunk, Luxas, and Chrishira Perrier.

A traditional Gramatik composition that features a fusion of glitch-hop, soul, funk, hip-hop instrumentals, and bass laden electronic music, 'RE:Coil, Pt.II,' is an ample successor to his critically acclaimed 2017 EP, 'RE:Coil, Pt.I.' New album follows a jam-packed few years for Gramatik. This past year, he celebrated the 10-year anniversary of his seminal 'Street Bangerz' mixtape, a project that arguably put him on the map, with the release of 'Street Bangerz Vol. 5.' Subsequent to this release, were two sold-out New York City shows featuring rare 'Street Bangerz' only cuts that proved to be some of the most memorable shows of his career.

'RE:Coil, Pt.II,' comes to us via Gramatik's own label Lowtemp. Established in 2013, Lowtemp was created in his vision of music being a free medium. A digtial-crusader of sorts, Gramatik has a long history of file sharing his music. Between Lowtemp, and the sharing of his full discography - including 11 albums and four EPs via BitTorrent, Gramatik has successfully revolutionized the artist-fan relationship.


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