Cross-cultural rap artist PAV4N drops 'Doom' video

‘Doom’ is third release from Foreign Beggars frontman PAV4N, who teams up with underground production legend Sukh Knight (who's credits include Ed Sheeran, Professor Green and D Double E) for this one-off vinyl project. Physically out 21st August and available as a limited run on PAV4N’s website, the lavishly-made saffron and blue 12 inch vinyl comes packaged in stunning artwork from Osom Studios and photography by award winning Indian photographer Mitsun Soni. It features two A-sides, ‘Doom’ and ‘2020 FE Dead,’ with both tracks dropping digitally before then, alongside accompanying music videos.

After taking some time to digest recent global events, PAV4N has returned with a perfect totem for our times. Musically both tracks are set to an incendiary 140bpm grime beat, with the pair paying homage to their UK Grime and Dubstep roots – and lyrically, PAV4N takes on the rest of 2020 with a righteous destroyer energy akin to Shiva and Kali, taking aim at global power structures and the systems which supress us. With an over-arching message to tear down the status quo to make way for something better, he describes this feeling as being “like a sitting duck in a crucible of complacency.”

And as frustration and supressed rage boils over across the world, he also highlights how people in power are benefiting from the current social unrest since Covid hit, explaining: “The pandemic has created the perfect setting for nefarious action from powers that be, whether they are eschewing science and health over profit, passing questionable laws under the noses of a distracted population, or outsourcing life saving measures to the Old Boy's Network.”

PAV4N is one of the first Indian rappers to have forged a prolific, uncompromising and worldwide career with his band Foreign Beggars. Name checked at the Grammys, playing every major festival there is and hitting the UK Top Ten charts, PAV4N has been responsible for introducing wave after wave of underground music onto the world. After the highly influential multi-genre group parted ways at the end of 2019, he blasted back into view with two tracks marking his new solo project, which he describes as “A living art piece - the reality of forging a unique path in music, art and the life of a perpetual foreigner.” The singles ‘Karma’ and ‘Stasis’ introduced the world to his global take on conscious and subversive rap, which sees him reconnect with both his cultural and Hip Hop roots, as he enters a more creatively rewarding space, culminating in a convergence of artistic vision and self development.

This special release also marks the beginning of PAV4N’s new record label 4NC¥, which is dedicated to breaking records from new talent and seasoned artists alike. 4NC¥ will focus on the cross-pollination of Indian and international artists through collaborative projects. Speaking of the label, which launched on 20th July, PAV4N says: “I want to create a global platform for incredible artists and to connect scenes from around the world. With so much societal division and now heavy restrictions on travel, breaking these boundaries and subversion through unity is even more important now than ever before. My dream for 4NC¥ is to facilitate meaningful exchange so artists can break new ground with their careers on a global scale.”


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