Asian Dub Foundation @ Exit Festival 2018, Novi Sad

Fourth and the last night of this year's Exit Festival was dominated by EDM sound. The Main Stage was occupied by huge superstars of the genre, including Martin Garrix, David Guetta or ZHU, so fans different styles were all across the fortress. Going up against Guetta himself, at the Fusion Stage was British band Asian Dub Foundation. And we were there to see them.

I had the chance to see this band on this same stage four years ago, and it was packed. More than 10 000 people were squishing in front of the stage, while the band was on the top of their game. Four years later, it was that slightly fewer fans, but the show was yet again amazing. The energy that the band brings is on such high level, it could easily fire up much bigger stages that Exit's Fusion. Right after the intro in the shape of 'Mind Lock,' Asian Dub Foundation fired up two bangers - 'Zig Zag Nation' and 'The Signal and the Noise,' which were enough to fire up the crowd.

In little more than an hour, the band kept showing why they are considered a festival attraction, spreading the energy and positive vibes with their genre-bending music. Song after song they kept rising the atmosphere, while slowly chasing away the night and welcoming the morning. The very end of the show wasn't any different with their massive hit, a song written ten years ago, and even more relevant now - 'Fortress Europe,' and 'Rebel.'

Being a festival that rose from the protest against the government two decades ago, sharing the messages of peace, love, human rights, freedom, fighting any kind of discrimination, it's so logical that Exit had Asian Dub Foundation for quite a few times over the years. On the other hand, sharing the same ideas, it's understandable why Asian Dub Foundation love to return and have a good time. Maybe it's not a match made in heaven, but it's certainly a match I want to see over and over.


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