Alexis Sablone releases her own Converse 'One Star Pro' shoe

Alexis Sablone presented her Converse 'One Star Pro' which drops June 1 on and at select retailers. Below, you can see some photos, and read the statement from company, as well as Sablone herself.

On their website, the company shared: "The process of footwear testing for skater Alexis Sablone happens in that critical space between flick (when she flips her board into the air) and landing. When given the chance to work with the Converse CONS team on her favorite skate silhouette, the One Star Pro, Sablone looked to modify two details that would keep up with her powerful flick: additional grip and durability.

Sablone and the CONS team created a double-stitched, reinforced eye row — an area that sees the most wear during flip tricks — to enhance the shoe’s durability and further balance padding with board-grip control. Her influence on the One Star Pro is furthered in a playfully understated aesthetic. Designed for on- and off-board wearability, the white suede upper hosts a gold star, a baby blue sockliner, egret foxing tape and a gold foil insignia that stamps “Alexis” on the upper. The shoe also arrives in unisex sizing — an important feature for Sablone.“

About the project, skateboarder said: "First, I wanted to add a piece of rubber on the toe vamp. When I flick my board, I like the last thing that touches the board to be rubber. That rubber improves the grip, and it also helps the shoe last longer — I tend to blow through shoes pretty quickly.

Skateboarding is for everyone. “I’ve grown up skating with mostly guys my whole life, but I skate with a lot of girls, too. I’m a female, and the shoe has my name on it, but I don’t think it should be limited to one gender. The sizing makes the statement that it’s for every skater.”


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