Joe Hertz drops his debut album 'Current Blues'

One of the most versatile producers in the UK, the incredibly talented Joe Hertz released his highly anticipated debut album 'Current Blues.' The 13 track project features the likes of Collard, YonYon, Sam Wills, Barney Artist, Pip Millet, Dom McAllister and more. It is the perfect display of talent, passion and innate musical knowledge from the young Brixton-dwelling producer and serves to whip fans into a frenzy with six brand new, never-before-heard tracks.

The album lands with a new single 'Colourblind' - a collaboration with smooth-talking, London soul singer and ex-Last Night In Paris member, Collard - a delectable and addictive track that follows on from the undeniably brilliant 'Used' (with Dom McAllister and YonYon), fan favourite 'Trippin’' (with Ryahn), and previously heard numbers - 'Cross My Mind' with Sophie Faith, 'Møøn,' 'Rain In Cuba' and 'One Sided' with Kaleem Taylor. 'One Sided' also arrived with an all female producer remix package to rival even the original.

Speaking on the album, Joe states: 'Current Blues' is a reflection of the inner journey I have been on for the last few years. An ode to the past but looking forward into the future, with some meetings along the way.”

Son of the iconic DJ Pete Tong, and a critically acclaimed tastemaker, the collaborations between Joe and his carefully selected vocalists are always seamless. Having grown up around iconic clubbing figures, Joe enjoyed DJing from an early age, sneaking into Fabric to take in jungle and d'n'b raves as a teenager. As well as being immersed in UK dance culture, Joe also had access to the latest hip hop and R&B records from the US at home, and quickly began to build his production skills, showing an incredibly rich awareness of a plethora of musical heritages - 'Current Blues' is a testament to this journey - a technically rich and sonically brilliant masterpiece.

Having started out in his bedroom making beats that soon took over the world of Soundcloud production, Joe went on to master the world of DSP’s also - averaging 2 million streams a month and with an impressive collective catalogue stream of 100 million. Joe Hertz has set the pace as one of the UK’s most highly streamed producers and yet he remains a mysterious and alluring personality - a position rarely kept by an artist of such success.

'Current Blues' tracklisting:

01. Colorblind (feat. Collard) 02. I Don’t Swear (feat. Pip Millet) 03. Sense (feat. Syd B and Floyd Fuji) 04. Trippin’ (feat. Ryahn) 05. Moon (feat. Nono) 06. Cross My Mind (feat. Sophie Faith) 07. Fight or Flight (feat. Iyamah) 08. Beneficios (feat. Kablito) 09. One Sided (feat. Kaleem Taylor) 10. Rain In Cuba (feat. Barney Artist and Sam Wills) 11. Korok Shuffle 12. Used (feat. YonYon and Dom McAllister) 13. Deep End


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