Gramatik and Kotek release new single 'Vitalik Buterin'

Following what has been an extremely busy release year in 2017, Slovenian producer residing in New York City, Gramatik, is now dropping his first original single of 2018. Following last year’s highlights that included a GRiZ collaboration, 'As We Proceed,' a co-produced Flume remix with rising star Ramzoid, his heavily anticipated EP, 'Re:Coil Part I,' and the release of an Aretha Franklin tribute 'Let Me Know The Way' last week, his new single, 'Vitalik Buterin' took shape in collaboration with Kotek. Mike Mlikotic aka Kotek is a supremely talented electronic producer from Canada, who for the past few years has been releasing some of the most unique tracks on Gramatik’s independent label Lowtemp.

'Vitalik Buterin' is a continuation of Gramatik’s fascination with blockchain technologies and people who are the driving forces behind them. Following hit single 'Satoshi Nakamoto' from his 2016 album 'Epigram,' the new track is titled after the well-known creator of Ethereum and one of the most outspoken proponents of blockchain networks. It features his usual meticulous production, and also proves he’s great at choosing his collaborators. There are traces of Kotek’s inimitable style sprinkled throughout the production which culminates in the single's “high-tech” sound. The track starts off with a rolling, granulated synth line that references his recent single 'Red Shift,' before morphing into a signature Gramatik stomper with intricate brass stabs and his patented drum patterns. Thematically, it’s a perfect successor to 'Future Crypto' which recently received a video companion release as well.

About the single, Gramatik shares: "Vitalik Buterin' is a tribute to the founder of Ethereum and basically the sequel to 'Satoshi Nakamoto,' except this time around, Kotek and I decided to make it an instrumetal journey. The song changes 5 times and keeps evolving beginning to end which is meant to symbolize the different stages of development and evolution of Ethereum and its ecosystem. We had so much fun making this tune and we sincerely hope that Vitalik likes it. :)”


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