Deez Nuts @ SKCNS Fabrika, Novi Sad

This was my third time seeing Deez Nuts live, after their supporting set at Madball show in Novi Sad in 2013, and Punk Rock Holiday 2016. Everything I've learned the first two times, I confirmed once more. Fact #1 - I will never become a fan of theirs, and their music, and especially lyrics will never resonate with me. Fact #1 - live, Deez Nuts are a beast. A well-oiled machine ready to crash the stage. On this occasion, however, things didn't go so well, and none of it goes on the band. The venue itself is known for its awful acoustics, and neither of the bands this night could escape it. Ironically, Deez Nuts probably suffered the most, because of all the stuff they use on stage. The other problem was the crowd or lack of it. Monday evening took its tool, especially the day after Easter (In Serbia people use the Orthodox calendar for religious purposes) but it was surprising to see significantly more people from other places than Novi Sad itself. That being said, the show itself hasn't suffered too much. The band themselves were in the great mood, the crowd welcomed them, and the party could start. Besides the sound problems, Deez Nuts, with First Blood's singer Carl Schwartz filling in on bass, delivered a strong set filled with crowd-pleasers. Supporting roles were given to the local hardcore punk band Self-Titled, as well as Belgrade punk rock four-piece Tea Break. The latter delivered a solid set, easily being the best band of the evening sound-wise. Picking from their almost two-decades-long career, they brought a combination of older and newer stuff, including a brand new song from their upcoming EP, currently in the mix.


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