The Wonder Years - 'Sister Cities'

Artist: The Wonder Years Release: Sister Cities Genre: Punk Rock / Emo Label: Hopeless Records Release date: April 6th, 2018 Verdict: 8/10

As a Sixers fan since my teenage years and the age of Allen Iverson, I always had a special place for Philadelphia and Pennsylvania. Over the years, that love transferred to music and art as well, and I became a fan of Anti-Flag, Wiz Khalifa, Dave Hause, The Roots, and most recently, The Wonder Years.

The six-piece from Lansdale just returned with their sixth studio record 'Sister Cities,' and I will have the courage to say - their best piece of music so far. Thirteen years into their career, The Wonder Years successfully shifted through genres, incorporating punk rock, pop punk, alternative rock and emo into their sound, making a perfect combination of melody, energy, and emotion. In my books, they perfectly fitted into the emptiness caused by The Get Up Kids' lack of new music.

On 'Sister Cities' band offered eleven pieces of what they do best - dark, heavy emo punk with emotions spilled all over the record. Song after song, The Wonder Years deliver bangers, including the absolute masterpiece in the form of the title track. They have always been strong lyrically, but on this record, they took it on the even higher level while Dan Campbell's voice sounds better than ever. If there was ever a time for them to make or break, it's now. I have to admit I would be surprised if they don't make it.

01. Raining in Kyoto 02. Pyramids of Salt 03. It Must Get Lonely 04. Sister Cities 05. Flowers Where Your Face Should Be 06. Heaven’s Gate (Sad & Sober) 07. We Look Like Lightning 08. The Ghosts of Right Now 09. When the Blue Finally Came 10. The Orange Grove 11. The Ocean Grew Hands to Hold Me


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