Blankfile drops 'One is All' video

Blankfile, a modern hardcore band from Belgrade, Serbia has just dropped their new video for a single 'One is All.' The new song, in the vein of Architects or While She Sleeps explores the meaning of an individual inside this wild world. About the song itself, the band says - "It's a story of one man. The one who is able to move mountains whilst pursuing his dream. The one who can overcome a personal loss to support the higher cause. The one who silently fights inner demons and loudly confronts walking traitors. The one who's fighting for, not fighting against. The one who can make something out of nothing. The one whose passion is driving energy. The one whose pure heart can save this dying world. It is a story of one who has the power to change it all. It is a story of you." You can check the song and the video below. The band has also announced their 10-year anniversary show on June 2nd, while the venue and other details are yet to be unveiled.


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