Rockwell - 'User' EP

Artist: Rockwell Release: User EP Genre: Drum And Bass Label: Shogun Audio Release date: February 23rd, 2018 Verdict: 8/10

The biggest geek in the drum and bass game is back! Tom Green, aka Rockwell, London-based DJ and producer is back with the new EP 'User.' Known as one of the technically most skilled producers, but also celebrated for his originality, Rockwell is one of the most talked about names of the new generation, and it's easy to see why. 'User' EP comes as just another confirmation.

Containing four songs, the EP brings little under twenty minutes worth of music, providing everything we could ever expect from Rockwell. Lots of energy, high-end production, and a few surprises are more than enough to write this one as a real gem.

Opening track 'Easy' brings the clash of old school and new school, bringing the best of both worlds, and features the legend himself, Roni Size. '09 Track' comes in next, firing at all cylinders, in all its heaviness, only to make a room for vocally infused banger 'Inventor' featuring Flowdan. At the very end, the title track comes into the mix, just to finish things off with a dancefloor-ready drum and bass threat.

It's hard to say if this is Rockwell's best work to date, but it brings all the elements we love him for. He may not be the most original, or the most creative producer around, he may even not be the most technically skilled or ground-breaking, but he's high up there in any of those categories. His biggest strength is finding the middle ground between all these elements and delivering amazing d'n'b music. 'User' EP brings exactly that.

1. Easy (with Roni Size)

2. 09 Track

3. Inventor (with Flowdan)

4. User

You can stream or buy 'User' EP HERE.


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